Panchatantra Stories

Panchatantra Stories

Here we are providing you some short stories .which you like it.

Problem  will go

A washerman lived in a distant village. Dhobi everyday people’s homes, and the people were with the dirty laundry. He had a donkey on which clothes to the laundry moved, was loaded. Ass was already quite old so he was too weak.
At noon one day link the clothes washer was carrying loaded. Because of the heat was bad ass and both the laundry. Poor donkey and donkey suddenly wobbly legs fell into a big hole. Was a poor weak-ass, but he made a total effort, but not out of the pit. Dhobi effort from your side, but also because of the deep pit donkey could not get out.
Now the donkey fear cried badly. Dhobi thinking that put voice to the people of the village. Many people come with your shovel. Together, the soil began to pit early.
At first, the donkey did not understand what is going on? But when he realized that they are burying him brought tears to his eyes. Some long ass screaming, then she stopped screaming. Everyone began to fast in the pit soil.
After a while the washerman was surprised when he looked into the pit. There was a bizarre little ass action. As soon as the soil on the back of a donkey puts the ass in the pit immediately spilled down his back and shaking the soil itself is a step up. This order continues to put it back as soon as the soil on the back of ass-shaking, knocking down the soil and the soil itself went on to be a step up.
Gradually holes were filled with clay and donkey Jumping came out of the pit and left many people see strange ass.
Friends is the story we learn very large. Life sometimes throws us soil, often in front of us, there are very big problems. But this is a way of life out of the well, the soil in the form of your trouble go and drop a step up every time, please. No matter how big your problem? No matter how deep the pit? Do not worry, every trouble dropping down of the soil shaken out of every problem you will go see again.

Jo Kam Hame Na Aata Ho To Usme Dakhal Nhi Dena Chahiye


The afternoon heat was thunder. Seth had become one of the bungalow. Furniture of the house to make some carpenter seized – were hammered through Lkdia rip.

It is time for lunch, so some carpenter went to food taken away by repeated the same timber, which were cut.

A little later, a group of monkeys playing and jumping in the same place where the carpenter Lkdia rip was reached.

In monkeys, a monkey who was very naughty. When he saw snatched trapped between the timber |

The naughty monkey snatched it out of the timber and he sat up on the wood taken out of the timber seemed to pull him. Was pretty much stuck in the wood, so try it out even though he was not able to. Seeing so Mehtn taken to remove him, the monkey started with him.

After all their hard work paid off and taken away, out of wood, but turned out to be taken as soon as the mischievous monkey tail stuck in the wood cut.


Moral of this little short story is that until then should not interfere in the work of another, until he comes not work too well themselves.

When the monkeys saw the Bdiyon diverted, how they are cutting Lkdihya using hammer, then certainly they would know that when taken away, gets trapped inside the timber, and how it is adjusted. In that situation the same way they tried to extract Kae snatched trapped in the timber due to the abatement of that naughty monkey tail.

Wolf … Wolf

Rose was a boy in the forest for grazing sheep. He was a big devil.
To disturb others was his real pleasure. Being alone in the woods, but he was bored. To whom and how upset here, it was thought. Some farmers were bordering forest farm. They came in the morning to work in their fields were aware of.

He began to wonder what to do so that all farmers should be.
Suddenly come to his mind were the theories.

He cried loudly, ‘Save me! Wolf … Wolf! ‘
Farmers left their work, they heard the voice of the boy they ran for help. Whatever he touched, brought together. Brought a shovel, a sickle, a sickle. But when they approached the boy, did not see them anywhere wolf.
Farmers asked the boy, ‘Where is the wolf?’
The boy laughed and said he heard the question – ” I was joking was not Wolf. Go …. you guys go. ‘
Farmer boy returned rebuke.
After they left, he said-‘wah! How fooled. It was fun.’
The boy did so again a few days later. Then the farmer came running around for help. The boy laughed and then said, ” I was joking. People who do not work and you have a minor – C Hearing screams to rush. ‘

Once again he was angry farmers planted rebuke him.
But the brash boy laughing.
But now farmers have determined that this boy will never help.
After a while one day the wolf really came. The boy ran and climbed a tree and started screaming for help. This time no one came to his aid.
Punk boy thought he was like before all this joking.
Several sheep killed by wolves. This boy felt her actions.



The highest peak of the mountain there was a hawk. Banyan trees at the foot of the mountain there was a crow making its nest. He was very cunning and sly. Without his efforts, he was always so hard to get the food. There were rabbits around the tree lair. If the rabbit comes out when the eagle flies high and carrying one or two rabbits.
One day the crow thought, “Well, the smart rabbit will not my hands. I would also like the eagle. Will hold abruptly swoop. ”
The other day, thinking to grab a rabbit by crow flew high. He hawkish hard to catch rabbits pounced. Now how could the crow fight the eagle. Rabbit saw him and immediately fled from the rock was hidden behind. In an act o the crow. crashed into rock In consequence, his beak and neck was broken and he died right there suffer.

Little wait, request that each of you guys after reading the story to write down your thoughts in the comments box of course. What would you say about this story? Must write in the comments box below.

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